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    Members of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship from the Catholic Communities of St. Francis Xavier and St. Joseph’s  founded and direct the charity “Nothing’s Wasted”,  honoring Father Francis (Frank) McGauley, S.J.   Fr. McGauley was a member of our men’s fellowship group for close to four years. We were blessed to have Fr. Frank as our mentor and spiritual director. He entered the Jesuits in 1942 and was ordained on March 24, 1955. Prior to being a member of our group, Fr. Frank was a Jesuit missionary in India for 31 years. During that time, he was the Pastor of Mother Theresa’s parish and one of her spiritual directors. He was also the Pastor of the cathedral in Jamshepur. He initiated and oversaw the building of churches and schools for some of India’s poorest people.    In addition to his work in India, he was Director of Retreats at Manresa on the Severn River in Annapolis and at the Faulkner retreat house in southern Maryland. Fr. Frank started the prayer room at St. Ignatius, frequently did the Radio Mass, and was in charge of Manresa Hall, the infirmary on the campus of St. Joseph College in Philadelphia. Fr. McGauley died on July 15, 2008 after a prolonged series of medical setbacks.   His life had a profound effect on many people including our men’s group. In remembrance, our group decided to start a charity in his honor. Fr. Frank gave us three important tenets to live by. First, be appreciative of everything. Second, always encourage others, so they can become what God had planned for them. And third, God let nothing go to waste; all of our experiences, whether good or bad, are used by God to profit us. Thus, we chose the name “Nothing’s Wasted.”   In honor of his life, money has donated for more than 70 wells and a reservoir built in Rerua, India. The people of this village used to drink, bathe, and wash with water tainted with radioactive uranium. Now, a well in their village and at the Loyola School has been providing safe, clean water. The goal and focus of “Nothing’s Wasted” is to continue to drill wells in villages where Fr. Frank served; we will be working closely with the Jesuit missionaries in India to identify where wells will do the most good.   Our Men’s Groups are responsible for donating the goods and materials for the dinner so that 100% of the donated funds can be used to dig wells.  

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